AI Forum is acquired by blockchain AI firm, Euler Digital

16 February, 2022

Euler Digital has acquired one hundred per cent of the equity of leading independent AI research platform, AI Forum. The deal sees research and blockchain come together in a landmark deal for the AI technology sector.

AI Forum is a fast growth, independent AI research company. AI Forum publishes mission critical research for C suite executives and senior staff in verticals including healthcare, finance and manufacturing. The demand for cutting edge AI research is accelerating as firms, big and small, enter the fourth industrial revolution adapting to what the World Economic Forum describes as “a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another”.

Euler Digital is decentralizing Artificial Intelligence, using blockchain technology to deliver a global, open eco-system for data, models, applications, computation and products. The Euler Digital sovereign blockchain (Euler Digital Blockchain “EDB”), is in testnet. Innovations include marketplace technologies, new models for value transfer, including AI non-fungible tokens (AI-NFTs), with a mission to make AI accessible, equitable and affordable.

AI Forum founder, Mr Peyman Mestchian, ‘I am delighted that AI Forum has gone to an AI blockchain firm. You do not need to be an expert in either field to grasp the significance of these two domains coming together in an integrated platform. AI Forum’s customers will benefit from the addition of blockchain AI knowledge, which will inevitably drive new insights and discoveries. It has been a terrific experience and I want to thank all our customers and advisory board members for their support.”

Euler Digital’s Ian Gilmour , ‘As soon as we got a sniff of this deal, we knew we had to add this world-class platform to our growing portfolio. On behalf of the staff and Directors of Euler Digital, we want to thank Peyman for entrusting us with his ‘baby’. Whilst Peyman is irreplaceable, we are going to build on his legacy and continue to deliver cutting edge research. Adding our blockchain skills offers new opportunities in fields such as EdgeAI and we are pleased to announce the first new AI Forum partnership with Cudo, a leader in the field of decentralised cloud’

Cudos’ CMO, David Pugh-Jones, “AI Forum provides a channel to educate Chief Information Officers on the significant benefits of decentralised cloud, including the environmental benefits of leveraging idle capacity for AI High Performance workloads.”

AI Forum will continue to deliver cutting edge research, adding a subscription model that will provide premium access to proprietary research, special rates for the forthcoming AI Forum Marketplace and technical support for listing NFTs and other tokenized products on EDB mainnet.

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