London, Remote

AI-ML Engineer, Developer (AML)

10 February, 2022

Euler Digital is building a Decentralized AI Marketplace powered by the Euler Digital Blockchain (EDB). Our infrastructure comes as standard with a high level of security, resilience, and transparency. We are hiring Data Scientists, particularly Machine Learning engineers. Use Cases include Anti-Money Laundering technology to detect suspicious addresses and transactions, leveraging Learning Data derived from the main blockchains (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon). The candidate experience should include big data analytics and data mining of blockchain node data. Knowledge of the common Machine Learning techniques and technologies, and the ability to work with structured and unstructured data sets is also required. Professional experience with cryptocurrencies is preferred, but not essential for skilled candidates.

We want to bring you on as part of the core team that will evolve the network in the years to follow.

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